Textile Testing Equipment

Promising high quality testing equipment for sure short result, accuracy and reliability, suitable for various industrial requirement specially for textiles.

Conditioning Chamber

Catering the needs of textile and garment industry, we offer conditioning chamber to our esteemed clients. Conditioning chambers are used after the dyeing is done on the fabric. The main task of this chamber is to remove the moisture level in the fabric. Standard features includes: • Inside Size of Camber : 18” x 18” x 18” or 18” x 18 x 28” or 24 x 24 x 36” • Range of Humidity : 0 to 95% (Tolerance-3%) • Range of Temperature : Room Temp. to 50°C (tolerance -2°) • Indicators : in panel indicators are given for indicating the working of machine. • Front Door : the door is double walled for insulation with mirror for inner views.

Button Pull Out Tester

Button snap pull tester is designed to test the 'snap strength' of buttons/rivets/joints to ensure that is meet dosing tolerance and safety levels, particularly in bay clothing and this also used to prevent the separation between the snap and the garment. Related standard: • ASTM designation : d846-88 standard test method for resistance to unsnapping of snap faster. • CFR part : 15100. 5053 • Consumer products safety commission. • ASTM designation : D1776 ASTMPS 79-96

Color Matching Cabinet

The equipment is used for visual color matching of textiles, paints, link, plastics, paper, etc. With the help of different light sources. Lights may be D-65, TL-84, CWF (Cool White Light), Illuminant- A(INCA-A), UL-30 (Phillips USA), Filament Light for normal color matching, D-75, TL-83 & Ultra Violet Light.

Flammability Tester-Inclined Plane Type

We are renowned name in manufacturing flammability tester (Inclined Plane Type). Widely used in textile industry as a standard machine to test the flammability and Flame resistance of Textiles. Specification of the tester: • Size of test specimen holder : 70 x 170 mm • Size of test specimen : 50 x 150 mm Related Standard: • ASTM 2 1230-1985 : Standard Test Method for Flammability of Apparel Textiles. • BS 2963-1959 : Test for the Flammability of Fabrics Method B-and the 45 Flame Test. • IS 11871-1986 : Methods for Determination of flammability and Flame resistance of Textiles. • Fabrics Method – B – the 45 flame test.

HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machine

This machine is used for sample dyeing (Lab Method). Widely used in testing lab in independent form or in textile industry this machine generate sample dyeing. Standard features includes: • Machine Type : 12 Nos. 250ml each. • Power supply connection required : 3 Phase, Neutral – 400V A.C 50 Hz. • Other utilities needed : Running water for cooling the glycerin bath.

Tearing Tester

We are leading name in the manufacturing of tearing tester. Widely used to determine the tear strength of woven textile fabrics. These are available in industry leading price. Standard Features includes: • Capacity : 1600g (can be increased to 3200g or 6400g by adding augmenting weights. • Clamping surfaces of each clamp : 36mm wide x 16mm high. • Distance between clamps : 2.8mm • Tearing Distance : 43m • Scale reading : 0 to 100% or range.
Related Standard:
• IS-6489-1993 : Method of Determination of Tear Strength of Woven Textile Fabrics by Mindoro Tester • ASTM D 689-1979 : Standard Test Method of Test for Internal Resistance of Paper. • ASTM D 1424-1983 : Standard Test Method for Tear Resistance of Woven Fabrics by falling Pendulum (Endorsement) Apparatus. • ASTM D 1922-1967 : Standard Test Method for Propitiation Tear Resistance of Plastic Film and Thin sheeting by Pendulum Method.

Beasley Balance

Beasley balance is used for determining count by an accurate determination of sample length and an accurate determination of its width as per cotton/metric/woolen & worsted systems.

Digital Light Fastness Tester

The UNILAB Digital Light Fastness Tester is used for determining the color fastness of textile to Light Using an artificial Light source. (MBTL) The unit consists off a hollow cylinder of metal open at both ends with an internal dia of -18” & length of 18” A 500W MBTL fading Lamp is mounted centrally so that the light distribution is constant around he circumference. Related Standard: • BS 1006 UK/TN, ISO/R 105 Textiles Test for Color Fastness, AATCC and ISO.

Washing Fastness Tester

The Washing Fastness Tester is used for determining color-fastness of Textile materials to washing. Standard features includes: • Capacity of each Jar: 550ml (Approx) • Distance of base jars from the axis of rotation : 50mm • Speed of Rotation : 40 to 45 rpm • Temperature of Water Bath : Ambient to 98 degree C • Motor :¼ HP 230 V AC Related Standard: • IS 687-1979M IS: 764-1979, IS 765-1979, Is:3417-179, IS 3417-179, Method of determination of color fastness of textiles Materials to washing : Test1, Test2, Test -3, Test- 4, Test 4 and test 5 respectively.